Take an adventure on a Caribbean cruise ship!Cruise Breakfast

Cruising around the Caribbean Islands is the easier, more fun and cheaper getaway. It’s more than a vacation. It’s paradise. The moment you step down onto the Caribbean you enter a state of true bliss; over and above you can listen to the tropical breeze swinging through the tall and skinny palms as if they were dancing along together.

It’s easier because a cruise ship provides:

  • Exciting alternative itineraries
  • A massive selection of food and beverages 24/7
  • Access to beauty salons, shops and spas
  • A multilingual staff as well as knowledgeable concierge experts
  • Safety and medical assistance if needed

It’s more fun because:

  • You meet new people and don’t have the fear of getting lost (depending on how big the cruise ship is, of course)
  • You can enjoy activities and entertainment aboard the ship or explore the various excursions on shore
  • You can have a great time whether you are traveling with kids or with a group
  • You will have seriously great weather

It’s cheaper because:

  • All of the above are included in a one time price per person
  • You have access to duty-free allowance: Ship itineraries that include any of U.S Virgin Islands: St. Thomas; St. Croix; St. John


I recommend Carnival Cruise line for a young crowd.

For honeymooners or in a romantic trip I recommend The Royal Caribbean Int’l.

Upon leaving the port, make sure you wear a bathing suit and have the essential items, since the luggage may not be available right away 

Be aware that “Hurricane Season” is defined as June 10th through November 10th.

One last tip: At Departure time take your luggage with you instead of waiting for the bellman to bring it down in order to save time instead of waiting for your luggage.

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