Copenhagen – The Little Mermaid

“The Little Mermaid” from the fairytale with the same name, by HC Andersen, is probably the best known tourist attraction in Copenhagen.

Here are a few things that I bet you didn’t know:

1961 – September 1
Bra & panties were painted on her, and her hair was ‘dyed’ red

1963 – April 28
She was covered in red paint

1964 – April 24
She was decapitated

1976 – July 15
She was covered in paint

1984 – July 22
Her right arm was cut off

1990 – August 5
Another attempt to decapitate her was made

1998 – January 6
She was decapitated

2003 – September 11
She was removed from her stone and pushed into the water

… but she’s a tough lady – she has survived!

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