“The Little Mermaid” from the fairytale with the same name, by Hans Christian Andersen, is far and away one of the the best known tourist attractions in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Here are a few facts about the statue’s life that you probably didn’t know:

1961 – September 1
Bra & panties were painted on her, and her hair was ‘dyed’ red

1963 – April 28
She was covered in red paint

1964 – April 24
She was decapitated

1976 – July 15
She was covered in paint

1984 – July 22
Her right arm was cut off

1990 – August 5
Another attempt to decapitate her was made

1998 – January 6
She was decapitated

2003 – September 11
She was removed from her stone and pushed into the water

… but despite her “rocky” life, she’s a tough lady and has survived! She still stands to this day 🙂 Be sure to pay her a visit when you visit this remarkable city.

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