Summer is around the corner and millions of stressed employees and thawing northerners are ready for a vacation getaway.

In fact, data from Last Minute Travel Club, and research from USA Today, airlines are poised to be the busiest ever this summer!

Destinations are vying for your dollars and hotel bookings, and both cities and beach destinations have compelling arguments (and some persuasive deals) to attract you. Let’s investigate:

Question: Mr. City, can you tell me why you’re the best choice for visitors this summer?

Mr. City Answer: We have enough experiences in City to last the whole summer! My cousin, New York offers tours of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, dozens of Broadway shows, and a wealth of sightseeing tours. My uncle, Las Vegas now has the world’s tallest observation wheel, Cirque du Soleil shows, and a night-time heli-tour of The Strip that can only be experienced over a city of lights!Las Vegas

Question: Well Miss Beach, can you top that?

Miss Beach Answer: Did you know you can Americans can travel to Puerto Rico and visit beautiful beaches with no passport? And, who hasn’t dreamed of staying in a 5-star hotel in paradise for around $150? With nearly 90,000 miles of coastline in the U.S., you can frolic in the sand and sun all summer long, and into next summer too!

Question: Miss Beach, what are some of the top beach attractions this summer?

Miss Beach Answer: Try the bike and kayak tour in Miami, and stay at the YVE Hotel Miami for around $111, or stay in Orlando from only $33 and try Dolphin Encounters, Sea Screamer boat adventures, or Cocoa Beach day trips.Miami, Florida

Question: Mr. City, the beach sounds rather enticing.

Mr. City Answer: The fact is, Las Vegas, London, New York, Paris and Santiago are among the hottest destinations being booked this summer. And with tools such as Google Flights, and hotel coupons worth $40 through, travelers can visit multiple cities this summer!

13 Replies to “A City Vacation or a Beach Getaway: That is the Question

  1. That truly relies upon your interests. On the off chance that it was me, I’d take the 3-day excursion to Panama City Beach. I used to have a townhouse ideal crosswise over Thomas Drive from the Gulf and would love to get back.

  2. i think the vacation is not specifically placed based you visit every thing no matter beach no matter city. both contain separate charms and things. even both give you separate feelings to joy

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