Change up your holiday destination this year. (…Or next year, and consider this just amazing pre-planning!)

Visit Santa in Lapland, FinlandLapland, Finald

Santa Claus Village | ©Timo Newton-Syms/Flickr

Christmas in Lapland is like no other. Visit Father Christmas, play in the snow, see the Aurora Borealis, and bask in one of the most beautiful winter destinations of the world.

Go Shopping in New York CityRockefeller Center

Ornaments | ©krystalrene/Flickr

There’s truly something magical about New York at Christmas time. There’s something even more magical about escaping the bitter cold and spending some money in one of the best cities for shopping!

Partake in the Many Holiday Activities of Edinburgh, ScotlandEdinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh’s Christmas | ©Ross G. Strachan/Flickr

Christmas is taken very seriously in Edinburgh. So seriously, that the city holds events for six weeks in honor of the holiday! From late November until early January, Edinburgh is basically a haven for Christmas lovers. Be sure to stay for the legendary Hogamanay too!

Get a Tan in HawaiiHawaiian Christmas

Hawaiian Santa | ©Paul Oka/Flickr

Sometimes you just don’t want to freeze your butt off over Christmas! You don’t need to be surrounded by snow white plains in order to get through the holidays. Find yourself in Hawaii and your tan will be the talk of the town.

See Animals in AlaskaAlaskan Animals


How cute are these guys? And they’re everywhere!

Enjoy Country Music in Nashville, TennesseeOpryland, Tennessee

Opryland Hotel @ Christmas | ©Denise Mattox/Flickr

Voted “The Most Christmassy hotel in the nation”, Gaylord Opryland Hotel has also been named one of the top ten places to spend Christmas in the world. Based on the photo above, you can see why!

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