Trends in travel by experts at Last Minute Travel and LMT Club, including top booked cities and destinaitons such as Las Vegas, Orlando, New York, Miami and Cancun.

Yes, Call Centers in USA still exist, and travel agents that field your calls can be valuable assets in your pursuit of stress-free and affordable travel. From simply booking last minute travel arrangements for that big meeting, to a full service 7-day getaway with hotel, flight, airport transfers, (and even Disney tickets) the real,, Read More

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Last Minute Travel Deals App In the weeks leading up to the dreaded Thanksgiving travel weekend, the press has grasped onto the “last minute travel deals” moniker and lauded the top apps, tips and tricks, money-saving advice and reviews prior to the busiest week in travel. Kiplinger App Picker MarketWatch  

List of Last Minute Travel deals for hotels, car rentals, activities, cruises and flights.

The Last Minute family of brands are powered by Tourico Holidays. For 20 years, Tourico Holidays has been a growing global travel brokerage company. Directly contracting with travel providers, best online casino such as hotel chains, cruise lines, attractions and more, Tourico Holidays works on a high-volume, wholesale model to broker this inventory to international, Read More

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There are gorgeous images on Tumblr, and Pinterest’s Travel Boards. I could sit for hours looking at all the beautiful destinations, and fascinating cultures, and be the perennial ‘Virtual Traveler’. In fact, I once posted images of stylish hotel lobby designs because I like to get inspired by design, and dreamy destinations. See Board, Read More

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Looking for a classy vacation in New York? Want to enjoy the big apple to its fullest potential? Well, now is your chance. Last Minute Travel would like to offer you a low cost, limited time offer on a 4-star hotel in Midtown. (We can’t tell you this hotel name since its price is, Read More

by Last Minute Travel and LMT Club Guest Blogger Daniel Fuller Everybody loves a good party, especially when we’re talking about Mardi Gras in New Orleans. The famed multi-week carnival culminates this year on March 4 – also known as “Fat Tuesday” – and promises to end your winter blues with its unique brand, Read More

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