You can warm your bones, and make your winter a bit shorter by jetting out to the top 5 cruise destinations in the world.


During the month of October, kids can stay, eat and play for free on a variety of activities and locations throughout the San Diego area


Visitor’s to Kissimmee not only find the closest hotels to Walt Disney World, but can design their own festival and theme park vacation to fit most people’s travel budget.


Vacationers looking for truly unique experiences supplied by nature’s finest will have their dreams fulfilled in Puerto Rico. From bird watchers to a rain forest to a bioluminescent bay – a glowing ethereal neon green natural phenomenon.


Aruba has one of the most famous and applauded beaches in the world, and the tourism tagline is ‘One Happy Island’ which can be experienced through a wealth of activities in the hills, on the beach, or under the water!


The fall and winter season in San Antonio is full of events, festivals and concerts, and there’s world-class parks such as Six Flags Fiesta and SeaWorld to keep the whole family entertained.

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Humans have always been fascinated by nature and travel to national parks and scenic lands. It’s the very essence of why humans enjoy travel and vacationing.

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Plan for international travel before your trip with this 8-step pre-plan, including phone, passport, travel insurance, and of course, the LMT Deals App.

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No kidding. Taking time off work, and enjoying a vacation is actually good for your health, and even non-travel companies tout the benefits! Take these tweetable quotes that make you go hmmmm. And, ahhhh. An annual vacation can cut a person’s risk of heart attack by 50 percent. Allerton, H. E. (2003) Not Funny, Read More

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Florida tourism is on the rise, and these destinations for girlfriend getaways are perfect for body shots, or body massages.

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