You asked. We delivered! With the latest update, the LMT Deals App is now finally available for LMT Club members.

This week, Last Minute Travel introduced WhaToDo-an app that helps you make life more fun with exclusive deals on activities in advance or on-the-go.

International Travel Tips

Plan for international travel before your trip with this 8-step guide, including phone, passport, insurance, and of course, the Last Minute Travel App.


Top travel advice and tips from expert travel agents for getting the best hotel deals and lowest vacation rates and travel insurance for cruises and more

Last Minute Travel in the News

A collection of travel news articles blog posts that feature the benefits of the Last Minute Travel Deals app and its low rates. A must-have for vacations!

Air Travel

Guess what? Last Minute Travel officially offers flights with jetBlue! We also have some fun additional flight filters to make booking easier for you.

iPad Photography, Shwedagon Pagoda

Just when you didn’t think travel could be made any simpler for you, Apple’s iPad comes in to save the day that you didn’t know needed to be saved.