You asked. We delivered! With the latest update, the LMT Deals App is now finally available for LMT Club members.


Starting this week, Last Minute Travel introduced WhaToDo–the app that helps users make life more interesting with exclusive deals on bookings in advance or on-the-go.

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Developers at Last Minute Travel Deals have updated the app for Android and iOS, and find offer for $25 instant savings code for hotels!

Comparison Apples

Not all apps perform the same. We compared several features and benefits of four of the top travel apps in this colorful INFOGRAPHIC so you can decide which suits your needs best. Criteria used were: Filters – Sliders; Ratings; Star Levels; Map View, ect. Features – Can You Customize; Are There Real People at, Read More

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Last Minute Travel Deals App In the weeks leading up to the dreaded Thanksgiving travel weekend, the press has grasped onto the “last minute travel deals” moniker and lauded the top apps, tips and tricks, money-saving advice and reviews prior to the busiest week in travel. Kiplinger App Picker MarketWatch  

Celebrate Positive App Reviews

Awww – Flattery for our Last Minute Travel Deals App! I”ll be sure to tell our IT Team how good a job they did on our app that”s available on iOS and Android. Here”s a glimpse of the PR we”ve received:   Seattle Times (7/1) – “Apps for travelers: Don’t leave phone without them”, Read More


The long lines for the iPhone 6 have died down, and the lengthy online reservation wait time is nearing fulfillment. The competition has begun their assault, and the reality will never live up to the hype. Unless, of course, you actually take advantage of the many cool features of your smart phone. So, we’ve, Read More

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Fans of jetBlue Airways will be pleased to know they can now book their electronic tickets right on We now provide real time access to jetBlue’s last minute seat availability and fares. Since there is never a fee to book flights on, you can save big by combining your flight and hotel, Read More

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