Being at the airport isn’t always terrible. These 5 airports are so unique, you may even want to book that flight with the longer layover.

Moms are everywhere and they are loved and respected in any part of the world. Mother’s Day is devoted solely to mothers, and this day gives us all the opportunity to celebrate the mother figures in our lives.

You can warm your bones, and make your winter a bit shorter by jetting out to the top 5 cruise destinations in the world.

As a man who has traveled the world, I can only base my opinions of luxury destinations on my observations – which admittedly, is much different than that of a woman’s point of view. So I asked some well-traveled female friends of Last Minute Travel: “What are some of the most female-friendly luxury destinations?”, Read More

If your first or repeat visit, visiting the heart of Australia is a must. This remote location is awesome, scenery sensational with Voyages Ayers Rock Resort offering a range of accommodation. The nearest town to Uluru is 480km – Alice Springs (and this is worth a look as well!) Direct flights go into both, Read More

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