Exotic Destinations

Sometimes it’s exciting to step outside of your comfort zone. These are the world’s most extreme, memorable & exotic locations for you to do just that.

Being at the airport isn’t always terrible. These 5 airports are so unique, you may even want to book that flight with the longer layover.

Here's a look at how Mother's Day is celebrated in different countries around the world. We may be different, but we're also quite similar!

Moms are everywhere and they are loved and respected in any part of the world. Mother’s Day is devoted solely to mothers, and this day gives us all the opportunity to celebrate the mother figures in our lives.

Last Minute Travel Cruise

You can warm your bones AND make your winter a bit shorter by jetting off to one of the top five cruise destinations in the world.

Female-Friendly Travel Destinations

A list of female-friendly travel and vacation destinations with safety rankings as well as activities for women when traveling to each place.

Ayers Rock, Australia

Curious what some of the world’s most dangerous destinations are? Lucky for you, we’re here to help you cure your curiosity. The list may surprise you….

City Views

From San Francisco to Dubai to London and everywhere in between, these are the best spots in the world for the most breathtaking city views.