Sleepy Lion

Jet lag is a necessary evil when traveling across multiple time zones. While it may be inevitable, suffering doesn’t need to be. Here’s how to beat it.

Santa Maria la Real de La Almudena Cathedral, Madrid, Spain

A story about one woman’s experience in Madrid after all of her belongings were stolen, how she handled it & what to do if you end up in the same situation.

Last Minute Travel Flight Deals

Did you know you could potentially get money if your flight is delayed or canceled? Rule 240 protects travelers like-see how!


Believe it or not, if your luggage doesn’t arrive on time you can actually get money! Don’t believe us? Learn here how to get paid if your bags are delayed.


Quick tips to help you survive the necessary evils of traveling. It may be fun, but sometimes it’s tough! Here’s how to make it a bit simpler.

Travel Blog

First blog post ever! Here’s a brief introduction to Last Minute Travel and our blog. We look forward to helping your travel dreams become a reality.

Budapest, Hungary

Last Minute Travel has officially launched their blog! For the best travel tips and tricks, deals and discounts, and overall fun reads, look no further.