You can warm your bones, and make your winter a bit shorter by jetting out to the top 5 cruise destinations in the world.

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Plan for international travel before your trip with this 8-step pre-plan, including phone, passport, travel insurance, and of course, the LMT Deals App.

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No kidding. Taking time off work, and enjoying a vacation is actually good for your health, and even non-travel companies tout the benefits! Take these tweetable quotes that make you go hmmmm. And, ahhhh. An annual vacation can cut a person’s risk of heart attack by 50 percent. Allerton, H. E. (2003) Not Funny, Read More

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Florida tourism is on the rise, and these destinations for girlfriend getaways are perfect for body shots, or body massages.

Greece Bay

The chaos surrounding the European bailout talks, tourism to Greece is sure to be effected, and here is advice on summer travel from CNN.

Vacation at last

How to get your passport at the last minute, and requirements for passport when travelling to Caribbean island destinations by cruise or by plane.

Snorkel Puerto Rico

Find a luxurious summer vacation to the Caribbean with non-stop flight, a resort stay at Gran Melia 5-star resort, and world-class things to do for under $750

Barcelona Center

Barcelona, Spain is a more affordable travel destination when choosing a vacation to Europe compared to other top cities like London, Paris, Rome and Milan. Hotel deals under $100 and cultural sightseeing and Mediterranean experiences abound.

World's Highest Roller Coaster coming soon

Sky high attractions in Chicago, Dubai, Orlando, New York, Shanghai and world’s highest roller coaster video for the luxury traveler or adventure seeker that likes to be on top!


6 Female-Friendly Luxury Destinations As a man who has travelled the world, I can only base my opinions of luxury destinations on my observations – which admittedly, is much different that a woman’s point of view. So I asked some well-travelled female friends of “What are some of the most female-friendly luxury destinations?” Great, Read More