Montego Bay, Jamaica

Start your night in Montego Bay with a sunset cruise, continue with a night city tour, finish at a local watering hole, recover with tasty, local cuisine!

Disney Cruise

More and more, cruise lines have started providing guests healthy options for a well-balanced vacation. Here are tips on how to get away and get healthy!

Luxury Destinations on a Budget

Going on a luxury vacation is the name. Making it a BUDGET luxury vacation is the game. For an extravagant vacation on a cheap vacation tab, look no further

Last Minute Travel Cruise

You can warm your bones AND make your winter a bit shorter by jetting off to one of the top five cruise destinations in the world.

International Travel Tips

Plan for international travel before your trip with this 8-step guide, including phone, passport, insurance, and of course, the Last Minute Travel App.

Oia, Greece

With the chaos surrounding the European bailout talks, tourism to Greece is sure to be affected. For travel advice and more information read ahead.

Caribbean Cruise

Answering which Caribbean island destinations require passports when traveling by cruise or plane for U.S. citizens, and how to get a last minute passport.

Find a luxurious summer vacation to the Caribbean with non-stop flights, a resort stay at a 5 star resort and world-class activities to keep you busy.

Discover 5 amazing tours & adventures in Dubai, Paris, Rome and more. What you thought was for the rich can be booked at a discount at Last Minute Travel.

Female-Friendly Travel Destinations

A list of female-friendly travel and vacation destinations with safety rankings as well as activities for women when traveling to each place.