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The following is an insider tip on traveling through Germany’s history. I already stayed at this small castle hotel twice which stands out from the crowd of other similar hotels mainly because of its casual atmosphere in a yet sophisticated environment: Lütgenhof Castle in Dassow, close to the German shore at the Baltic Sea, an hour east of Hamburg.


So if you want to see more than the major German cities and willing to see the countryside and some historical sites but you are allergic to flocks of scuffling Japanese tourists in Neuschwanstein castle (think Cinderella Castle at Disney World) then this might be a less spectacular but more personal alternative. You can spend time on a quiet piece of land with a small river next to the building and a nature-sanctuary around it. You can go to rough beaches, other mansions and little castles, small villages or towns like Wismar with farmer’s markets, cafés, shops and old churches or to Lübeck with its picturesque Old Town which is a world heritage site.

Lütgenhof was built in 1839 and extended over the years in a neo-classical style by an aristocratic family. After WWII it made its way through the decades and became a children’s home then a school and then barracks for the boarder guards as it was in 1961 suddenly located directly on a borderline between East and West-Germany! Luckily the company Jägermeister bought it after the reunification of Germany and redeveloped and renovated with care.


Today it offers 23 rooms and suites equipped with no thrilling features (small simple TV, no internet access) but in a reserved and comfortable style: high quality materials, fine linen, fresh, bright, no frills.

You will see precious furniture with a slight modern accent in the public rooms without the typical baroque castle arrangements. This is a fact which in combination with the attentive but casual service helps to feel very comfortable – no matter if you drive up in Jaguar or on a touring bike.

There is a small gourmet restaurant in a hall with an impressive wooden coffered ceiling and a view over reed fields where you can enjoy fine dining. Guests interested in running or cycling will have the choice between countless tours and may complete the day in the hotel’s bio sauna or on the terrace with a local beer.

Altogether an excellent place to relax in a historic, natural, fine and comfortable surrounding, supported by grown up, professional and personal hotel service.

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