Ahhhh Paris…. the most beautiful city in the world but also not the most affordable one. After living in Paris for 26 years, I will share with you some tips in order to maximize the enjoyment of your stay and spend a minimum amount of money.

TransportationParis Metro

The best way to visit the city is to take the public transport. If you are going to stay more then 2 days in the city, buy a 3 day pass. It will cost you less then to buy a ticket for each day. Both the metro and bus are included in the 3 day pass (only in the area of Paris. When going out of the city, rates will be different). Cost of the pass: 19 euros.


Paris is well known for being the City of Fashion. You will find shops everywhere. There is a very interesting area to see and to shop. I recommend to go to the Metro Station “Barbes Rochechouart”, where, you will find the shop “TATI” where you will be able to find everything you like.

FoodFrench baguette

For food (supermarkets), you have 2 brands with all products and they are not expensive at all: “ED” and “Leader price” These supermarkets are all around Paris.
For a good “Sandwich Baguette”, I recommend to eat at “La Brioche Doree” or at ‘’Pomme de Pain’’. The bread is delicious and the desserts as well. These restaurants are all around Paris and not expensive at all.

Theatre & ConcertsPalais Garnier, Paris Opera House

In order to get great deals for theatre and concerts, you must show up one hour before the event. Sometimes you will find tickets half price as people are selling their tickets directly to you. I have done this before; it works!

AirportsCharles de Gaulle Airport, Paris

It is time to go back to reality! Back home. Taxis for the airports are very expensive (around 50-70 euros). Near the Meridien Montparnasse, in Montparnasse area of course), you have buses to the airport. The cost is 14 euros and there is a bus running every 15 minutes. The only thing I would suggest is to take at least 3 hours time before your flight!

These are a few tips to minimize your expenses in Paris.Do not hesitate to ask for recommendations.

Enjoy Paris!

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