Best Place for Hot Dogs in Orlando: Hot Dog Heaven

Hot Dog Heaven sign

Located in the middle of the I-4, 408, and 426 on East Colonial (a short distance from the Orlando Executive Airport) is one of The Beautiful City’s food treasures. Keep an eye out for Hot Dog Heaven’s iconic hot dog on a pitchfork sign and get your photo taken with the “Big Frank” hot dog truck.

Hot Dog Heaven (facebook) specializes in Chicago style hot dogs. To be a Chicago dog you have to be 100% pure beef, smoked to perfection, and then served on a freshly steamed poppy seed bun. Choose your Chicago-sourced toppings, which can include Nuclear Green Relish, Hot Peppers, Slaw, Kraut, Chili, or even 1000 Island Dressing, and enjoy a classic. You really haven’t lived until you’ve enjoyed a Reuben Dog from Hot Dog Heaven. Prices range from the affordable to the very affordable. Be prepared to wait as word has gotten out about this foodie find.

Hot Dog Heaven proves there’s more to do in Orlando than just the theme parks. Where’s the best place to get a hot dog fix where you live?

Photo Credit: Flickr User: ferret111/ / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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