With the news this week that Delta and Continental airlines have raised the price of their baggage fees (again), it’s time to look seriously at alternatives to checking in luggage.

Becoming a Loyalty Member Has Its Rewards

Many airlines will wave or discount baggage fees for its rewards club members. Check and see if you have enough points to qualify. If you’re close, consider joining the world of Frequent Flyer hypermilers. You know those folks who think nothing of booking an extra flight to France to keep that elite status of theirs. Well, they share their secrets on websites like FlyerTalk.com and FrequentFliers.com

Pack Fewer Things

If everything fits in your carry-on luggage, then there are no fees! Once you get over only having two pair of shoes on your trip, you can follow the advice of other travel experts who have learned to whittle down their packing list. Some good places to start are websites like Onebag.com and Travelite.org.

Ship It

Even if you are able to fit everything into your carry-on luggage, there are still certain items you can’t carry through security. For that you can use the USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate box. You can fit a lot of clothes and travel kit items in the 12″ x 12″ x 5-1/2″ flat rate box. The cost of 2-3 day shipping is less than $15, which is less than the cost of checking that extra bag. Just make sure you’re not shipping anything the USPS prohibits and that your destination will hold packages for future arrivals.

Leave It

Are you a frequent visitor to one destination? Use a service to store your goods and deliver them to your hotel for your arrival. In Orlando you can use Owner”s Locker. They pickup, store, and deliver whenever you come to play at the theme parks.

2 Replies to “How to Avoid Baggage Fees

  1. Thanks for mentioning Owner’s Locker in your piece about ways around higher baggage fees. We are honored to be included. When we started Owner’s Locker, we had no idea that airlines would “unbundle” their product and begin charging separately for as many components of their service as possible.
    While I can understand the desire to maximize revenue, the travel experience has become a serious and expensive hassle particularly for leisure travelers. You spell out some great tips and options for dealing with the current situation.

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