Are You a Virtual Traveler?

There are gorgeous images on Tumblr, and Pinterest’s Travel Boards. I could sit for hours looking at all the beautiful destinations, and fascinating cultures, and be the perennial ‘Virtual Traveler’. In fact, I once posted images of stylish hotel lobby designs because I like to get inspired by design, and dreamy destinations. See Board HERE.

Of course, I’m a ‘Real Traveler’ too!

"Real" travel at your fingertips

“Real” travel at your fingertips

So which are you? A Virtual Traveler or a Real Traveler? Let’s explore with these 10 questions:

  1. Have you ever swam in the ocean? 1 point for ‘Yes’
  2. Have you ever swam in the ocean despite being afraid that a shark will devour you? 5 points for ‘Yes’ (but, minus 2 points for worrying about the shark)
  3. Have you been to a National Park in the US? 1 point for ‘Yes’; 3 points for a World Heritage Site anywhere in the world
  4. Have you ever seen an ad for a cruise or a hotel deal and said: “Yeah, I deserve a vacation”, and booked that day? 3 points for ‘Yes’
  5. Have you scheduled, and are saving for your dream vacation? 1 points for ‘Yes’
  6. Have you subscribed to a loyalty program because you’re actually loyal? 1 point for ‘Yes’
  7. Have you ever explored Google Earth®, and then ventured out to that place you thought looked interesting? 1 point for ‘Yes’
  8. Have you proudly displayed shot glasses in your home, from vacation destinations (not because they’re souvenirs, but because you actually used them in those locations)? 3 points for ‘Yes’ (but minus 2 points for your questionable drinking habits)
  9. Have you ever had a conversation with a hotel concierge to inform her of the great places to go in your city of residence? 3 points for ‘Yes’
  10. 10. Have you ever just gone to the airport without a ticket, or driven out of state without a plan, or ridden a train to anywhere? 5 points for ‘Yes’

All 20-Pointers raise your hand, do a dance! You are indeed a Real Traveler. For the 19 and below scores… It’s OK, you’re still young!

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