The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

The Anne Frank House is located at #263 Prinsengracht in the center of Amsterdam. This famous house is where Anne Frank and eight of her family members and family friends hid during the Holocaust. During this time, Anne Frank kept a diary, taking down all of her emotions, thoughts, feelings, experiences, and aspirations. Unfortunately, they were captured and all were killed except for her father, Otto. When the war was over, Anne’s diary was discovered and on May 3, 1960, the Anne Frank House officially opened as a museum. The museum is well-preserved and contains many original objects on display, including the diary itself. Guests can walk through the house where there are different rooms with various exhibits and artifacts, including the actual hiding place behind the bookshelf door that hid Anne and her family from the rest of the home.

What you should know before you visit the museum:

  • The museum is open daily, check the official museum’s website for times here: The Anne Frank House Opening Hours & Admission Prices
  • Set aside at least one hour to explore the house. There are no tours or tour guides, only a tour brochure with background information about each room which is available at the entrance.
  • Due to the steep stairway, this museum is not accessible to guests with walking difficulties

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