America, the Beautiful: Ruby Beach

Have you ever come across a view so amazing you just couldn’t believe it was real? Located in the northwest corner of Washington state’s Olympic National Park, Ruby Beach is one of those places.Ruby Beach

When the beach came into view from the trail parking lot, I thought I had stepped into a movie scene. In fact, Olympic National Park and the surrounding area was used in the filming of the Twilight movie series.

Ruby Beach gets its name from the rose colored ruby gemstone fragments found here in the sand. This is not a beach for which you come to swim, surf, or tan.  It’s a beach that you come to just watch mother nature do her thing.

Whether it’s a clear day, raining, or even storming, the view is simply stunning.  And the sunsets? Extraordinary!

You need to be ready for a good workout to get a closer look at the sea stacks and tidal pools, as you will need to climb over piles of bleached driftwood to reach the shore’s edge.

Ruby Beach is just one of the many spectacular views you can find at Olympic National Park, located about 3 ½ hour drive from Seattle.

24 Comments on “America, the Beautiful: Ruby Beach

  1. WOW… one more place to add to my beckett list…. thank you Len for sharing.

  2. Wow. That looks like an amazing place to visit. I see a road trip coming up in my future!

  3. Look at what mother nature can do! Superb View! I am now curious to know how the view will change when the sun goes down by minutes, by minute!

  4. Love the article!! And amazing pics!!!
    Reading this made me want to go there!!! Who knows I might even find some rubies!

  5. Nice pic!!!
    Something I added to my must go places.
    Nice and informative article!

  6. Always wanted to visit the Pacific Northwest and this is a perfect example of why!

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