Barbados may be known for its charming fishing villages, pristine waters and sandy beaches, but this Caribbean island offers a lot more than what meets the eye. If you’re looking to enrich your life with history or to treat your taste buds to local spirits, Barbados boasts many cultural wonders just waiting to explored.

Visit Nidhe IsraelNidhe Israel, Barbados

Synagogue, Bridgetown | ©bixentro/Flickr

Nidhe Israel Synagogue is believed to be one of the oldest synagogues in the western hemisphere. The synagogue and its mikveh were designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2011. Yiddish is even an official recognized regional language here!

St. Nicholas AbbeySt. Nicholas Abbey, Barbados

St. Nicholas Abbey, Barbados | ©Derek Galon/Flickr

St. Nicholas Abbey is one of only three Jacobean mansions in the western hemisphere. Built in 1658, St, Nicholas Abbey is a sugar plantation house, museum and rum distillery. Take a tour of the mansion and be sure to explore the hillside known as Cherry Tree Hill, where you get a stunning view of the entire island.

Little BayLittle Bay, Barbados

Little Bay Barbados | ©Colin Payson/Flickr

Little Bay is a unique part of the island where naturally occurring holes in the coral cause huge spouts of water, earning the nickname “blowholes”.

Drink Rum at a Chattel BarRum in Barbados

Old Brigand Rum on the Beach | ©anax44/Flickr

One of the most popular and oldest bars on the island is John Moore Bar. Also an official rum store, John Moore Bar looks like a little shack from the outside; but the look is half the fun!

Visit Hunte’s Garden Hunte's Garden, Barbados

Huntes gardens, Barbados | ©Derek Galon/Flickr

Hunte’s Gardens is the home of Anthony Hunte, a horticulturalist who devoted the latter half of his life to creating a calm escape to raise a wide variety of different tropical plants, birds, monkeys and other species.

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