About this blog

It is all about Sharing

Last Minute Travel is a discount travel company with deals for last minute travel or bookings in advance. Our blog contains travel advice, tips from expert Travel Agents, and more for business travelers, vacation dreamers, and everyone in between.

The philosophy of this blog is sharing… Our goal is to share everything we do in and know about the travel industry. We have the best travel experts in our 35 offices around the world who speak more than 15 languages and know all about the globe’s most exotic places. Additionally, we have an incredible, highly skilled tech team that creates every piece of technology that we use. Last, but definitely not least – we are here to listen, to see your comments, to hear your inputs about our site, and to discuss whatever things that you may be interested in. We are very interested in our user’s opinions, however, the following types of inappropriate content will not be allowed, and will be immediately removed from our blog:

  • Any pornography
  • Racist comments
  • Swearing
  • Personal attacks
  • Advertising
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