A Very Cool Tool for Business Travelers

I am sure this tool isn’t the right thing for everybody but still, since it is all about sharing and I personally like it so much…

I am using the Blackberry Smart phone for many years but only lately I installed Worldmate live. It is very important to mention, the tool isn’t just for Blackberry, it is working on any smart phone. What this tool gives you is the option to manage all your travel needs in one place.

  • Itineraries – I have all my itineraries on my Blackberry and then just few hours before the flight Worldmate checks for the flight status online.
  • Flight Status – You can very easily check for any other flight status too (regardless if it is in your itinerary or not). I was just driving with my boss few hours before he had to take off and he said that his flight was at 23:00. I just opened Worldmate to verify and see that there are no delays. Surprisingly we found out that the flight actually takes off on 22:15. I literally saved him a lost flight.
  • Weather – Additionally, it includes a weather forecast tool for any city you choose.
  • Clocks around the world
  • Currency conversion

Here is a quick clip i found on Youtube that shows how it works.

And if you didnt get the point here is a real cool clip…

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