A note on Swine Flu from our CEO

In the last couple of days we’ve been hearing more about a possible breakout of a new influenza virus named Swine Flu.

This virus is well known by the medical community as one which mainly attacks pigs. It is now confirmed that the virus has been found in humans. The breakout most likely appeared first in Mexico where over 100 people so far have lost their lives. Many of the hundreds of people that may have been exposed the virus do not face any threat to their lives. A few things we want to make travelers aware of. Today’s medicine can easily tackle much tougher cases than Swine Flu. The chance of getting infected while traveling to/in the US is smaller than the chance of being kidnapped while flying. Our job is to convey this to our clients so any attempt to cancel a trip is reconsidered.

As more information becomes available we will keep you posted.


Uri Argov
Travel Holdings, Inc.

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