5 Travel Tips for Packing Luggage

  • Packing small accessories such as belts and scarves can help you limit the number of outfits you pack by giving you more options for mixing and matching.
  • No matter how short of a trip or vacation you are going on you should pack enough socks and underwear for at least four days.
  • If you are going on a long trip and the space you are staying in is limited, make a list of the contents of each piece of luggage and tape it to the inside of the lid to avoid having to dig through the entire contents of your suitcase to find one item.
  • Check the weather forecast for your trip or vacation destination to ensure that you are packing clothes that will keep you warm or cool depending on where you are going. Remember, even if your hotel is in a valley the nearby mountain areas might be much cooler than where you are staying. Be sure to pack appropriate clothes just incase.
  • For a final tip, if you can, leave enough space for a folding umbrella, you never know if you will need one.

3 Comments on “5 Travel Tips for Packing Luggage

  1. Nice tips. I actually do points #2, #4, and #5 already so I’m glad to know that I’m doing something right. 🙂 Cheers!

  2. Good tips. My fav #2

    When I go on a trip where there is cold weather, I always pack a good pair of upper and lower thermals. They will keep you very warm without having to pack a heavy jacket. You will be surprised!!!

  3. extra tips for the ones who travel all over the places:

    My MUST have and do:

    ***A flight pillow: Especially for long flights, you won t wake up or come out of the plane with a stiff neck and will avoid a visit to the oesteopath!!Dont go for the flattable ones, they don t last .
    *** A big Shawl: So you don t freeze on board
    *** Eyes drops: Say goodbye to bunny’s eyes
    *** A Universal adaptor: Fujifilm ( yes the pictures brand) does a clever one which features in and out by the push of a button, so wherever the country you are ( EU, USA, OZ, UK etc) and wherever the devices you have, you can use one adaptor instead of having a collection of ones!!
    *** A big shopper bag to take on board: since the luggage restrictions appear, it is a nightmare. A big shopper bag can fit your laptop, flight pillow, magazines and your handbag! And the longer the handles, the better for lifting the weight off your shoulders 🙂
    *** For the ones who pack a bath towel: go to a travel equipment store and get a travel one, they are made of special fibers,super absorbant, light and take 1/5 of the space a normal one would take.
    *** For the ones who cannot bear being without their electrical devices, invest into a portable charger ( freeloader in the UK is a good one), you can charge it through its solar panel or through your computer USD so wherever you are , on a plane, trekking etc..you can then recharge your phone, camera,ipod etc..and it only weights around 200 gr !
    *** No coffees or alcohol during a flight, it dehydrates your skin and system big time!
    *** And once at the hotel, for the ones waking up with a terrible sore throat, you didn t get a cold ( ok,maybe) but the heater or AC made you believe you did. So put a glass of water near the heater before heading to bed to humidify the room !

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