Ayers Rock, Australia

Curious what some of the world’s most dangerous destinations are? Lucky for you, we’re here to help you cure your curiosity. The list may surprise you….

Beach Fun

Time for another round of Play to Play! What city is it this week? You’ll need an angel to help you today (you’ll get that joke once you guess the city).

Wondering who the people are behind LastMinuteTravel.com? We are a swiftly growing division of Travel Holdings, Inc. Travel Holdings – By The Numbers. 16 years in operation 32 locations serving 97 source countries across 6 continents 400 employees providing support in 23 languages $40 million invested in proprietary technology since 2002 17,000 direct hotel, Read More

Mickey and Minnie welcome International Pow Wow participants to the Magic Kingdom The International Pow Wow is a trade show for travel professionals from around the world. Generally deals are made between buyers and suppliers, and everyone gets a chance to see what’s coming over the next year with a special emphasis on the, Read More

Washington, D.C.

A Capitol Fourth is America’s favorite July 4th celebration, with fireworks lining the skyline of the nation’s capitol. It’s a show you don’t want to miss.

Chicago, Miami, San Diego… what city will be next? Here is your chance to find out and secure some extra big savings on your next vacation. If you’re not familiar with the Play to Play program, no problem. Just check out the original blog post for more information. We have several hints for this, Read More

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Paris is a pricey city, but believe it or not, there are lots of free activities to enjoy in this breathtakingly beautiful European city!

Who doesn’t love a good hot dog? Stop by Hot Dog Heaven on your next Orlando trip and devour one of America’s favorite treats.

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The folks at the Florida tourism board want everyone to know that the Deep Water Horizon oil spill has not affected Florida’s waters or beaches. It’s not forecast to for at least the next 72 hours either. Currently, there are no impacts to Florida’s 2,276 miles of tidal shoreline and 663 miles of beaches., Read More