Ah, Montreal. A beautiful slice of Europe residing in peaceful Canada. You won’t regret visiting this North American gem.

Walking with the Prophets Tour, Israel

Interested in following the historical footsteps of Jesus in Israel? Go on a Walking with the Prophets tour & experience the Holy Land the right way.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is one of the most beautiful & underrated cities in Europe. For incredible food & wine, beautiful views & rich history, you know where to go.

Where in the world can you find the world’s largest swimming pool? Wade on over to San Alfonso del Mar in Chile and see this masterpiece with your own eyes!

15 years ago, Wakeboarding appeared in England and little by little it expanded to different countries and trickled down into major cities such as Orlando, Florida. The best place to wakeboard in Orlando and even meet famous wakeboarders is the Orlando Watersports Complex. Not only can you wakeboard, you can also kneeboard (mostly for, Read More

Right outside of Orlando Florida is the small town of Winter Park. This town has some of the best dinning in the area. Here are my personal favorite restaurants in Winter Park, Florida: FujiSushi 1449 Lee Rd Winter Park, FL 32789 Fuji Sushi is the best Sushi restaurant in Winter Park. The sushi is, Read More

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Valldemossa, Mallorca

Mallorca is known not just for fun, seaside cities like Magaluf & Palma. The quaint, hilltop villages are must-sees as well. Case in point: Valldemossa.

Hamburg, Germany

For those interested in laying their heads down in a German castle without any distracting modern luxuries, Lütgenhof Castle Hotel is the place for you.

Western Caribbean Cruise

Discover the world’s most renowned resort spots with a cruise to the Western Caribbean. See for yourself why this area is a common favorite among travelers.