Why is Copenhagen so wonderful? Here what I think of when I think about Copenhagen:  Home to HC Andersen (Poet and Fairytale online casino Writer) The Little Mermaid Carlsberg Beer (“Probably the best beer in the World”) Tivoli Gardens (Amusement Park) Fashion Week (Top 10 fashion events in the World held twice a year), Read More

Montreal is the largest city in Quebec which is one of the 13 provinces and territories (what would be considered States in the USA) that comprise Canada. Just 10 years ago, something of a bleak mood prevailed in Quebec province. It seemed possible that the province would choose to fling itself into independence form, Read More

Holy Land Tours: Walking with the Prophets Holy Land Tours Walking with the Prophets was started by me, the Director, Michael O’Donell, Jeannie O”Donell and Uri Argov CEO of Tourico Holiday Flights in 2000. I believe that every believer should tour Israel at least once in their lifetime. On this Holy Land Tour you, Read More

              (Lisbon at night) Lisbon as been one of my favorite cities since I visited for the first time 3 years ago. The City its changing over the last years, and a building boom has contributed to urban sprawl since Portugal is receiving lost of funds from the, Read More

San Alfonso de Mar The World’s Largest Pool Located off the coast of Chile at the South American resort of San Alfonso de Mar is the world’s largest swimming pool. Containing 250,000 cubic meters of water and 1 km in length, this swimming pool was acknowledged by Guinness World Records as the world’s largest, Read More

While browsing the Internet I came across an interesting site I wanted to share with our readers, it’s called TripKick.com. TripKick.com helps you find the hotel room that’s perfect for you. Their database has tons of hotels you can search for. My favorite feature is the Advanced Search feature which enables you to find, Read More

When I visited Krakow for the first time, it looked to me like a small version of Prague… I started my journey in Warsaw, and after 2 days I continued to Krakow. There is a good transportation between the cities, and when buying a train ticket – you also get coffee for free :-)., Read More

15 years ago, Wakeboarding appeared in England and little by little it expanded to different countries and trickled down into major cities such as Orlando, Florida. The best place to wakeboard in Orlando and even meet famous wakeboarders is the Orlando Watersports Complex. Not only can you wakeboard, you can also kneeboard (mostly for, Read More

A quick story about my Alaska Cruise aboard Voyager of the Seas on Royal Caribbean, and the opportunity to see bears in Alaska or from my cruise departure port in Seattle, WA.

It is amazing, but realistic that the Olympic Torch Relay was there yesterday in my hometown, Fuzhou, a city with a history of more than 2300 years! The whole nation witness the symbol of peace spreading around the world and finally coming to the ancient land. When you see the happy faces along the, Read More

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