If your first or repeat visit, visiting the heart of Australia is a must. This remote location is awesome, scenery sensational with Voyages Ayers Rock Resort offering a range of accommodation. The nearest town to Uluru is 480km – Alice Springs (and this is worth a look as well!) Direct flights go into both, Read More

Hello I am Leidy! I work with Product in Touricoholidays.com and I am in charge of Mexico and the Caribbean and would like to share some important things to do in Rio de Janeiro. When you check-in at your Hotel, please get ready to explore this fantastic city. My first day at Rio, I, Read More

Ahhhh Paris…. the most beautiful city in the world but also the most expensive one. After living in Paris for 26 years, I will share with you some tips in order to maximize the enjoyment of your stay and spend a minimum amount of money. Transportation: The best way to visit the city is, Read More

I just got back from an amazing holiday in Buenos Aires. The “Portenos” (someone from Buenos Aires) welcomed me and my family into their fascinating city with open arms. I was surprised by the fact that the city is really kid friendly. I was traveling with my two kids and in every restaurant there, Read More

Hello Everybody! I am Gregory, taking over the product in LastMinuteTravel.com and would like to share my feelings with you about Riga Latvia. Riga is well known as the capital and business center of Baltics; you can find many things to do in Riga Latvia during your business or vacation trip in the city. The, Read More

Guangzhou, located in Southern China, is also considered a pearl on the Zhu Jiang River (Pearl River). The southern location determined its warm weather even during winter season. (For such weather, lots of the lower category hotels in Guangzhou do not provide heat even in winter, which is hardly bearable for a cold weather, Read More

Here goes the story about the lovely little ducks at the Peabody Hotel Orlando, FL. And let me tell you, if I wasn’t there for myself, I would not have believed it…I just came back from a week long tour of Orlando and New York City, along with a group of travel agency managers,, Read More

Only few people know that Réunion Island is a spectacular natural wonder! Having lived there for 5 years, in Saint Denis, Réunion’s capital is a pleasant and lively town with its brasseries, bistros and fantastic restaurants. Saint Denis is a perfect reproduction of metropolitan France. The rugged mountains and gorges of Reunion offer great, Read More

Cabo Polonio is one of the most beautiful places in Uruguay. located about 7 km from the closest highway, it cannot be reached by car. To get there, you can take a 4×4 truck ride through the dunes or another way to get there is by the beach, which is a 3 hour walk, Read More

Puerto Rico is the Enchantment Island. Every day is a sunny day; you don’t have to wait for summer to enjoy the Caribbean weather because every day is Summer Time. But if you are lucky enough to catch a Rainy Day, remain silent for a minute and you will experience the most beautiful soundtrack, Read More

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