So am I lucky or what? I have recently returned to my ‘home’ in Orlando Florida following a two year stint in paradise – Oahu, Hawaii. I say home above, which is in itself subjectional as my native home is England, but I have lived in the US for about 15 years. So how, Read More

You can certainly satisfy your appetite in millions of restaurants in New York City so why paddle over from your Manhattan accommodation to Williamsburg (Brooklyn)? BECAUSE…you need to visit Williamsburg once anyway and it is even more fun at night as this neighbourhood is full of cool bars, cafés, restaurants, speakeasies and clubs –, Read More

(View of Tel Aviv from Old Jaffa) While traveling for business I visited Israel last year and it was an amazing experience! The Tel Aviv dining was absolutely fabulous! Everything was so fresh and delicious! I have listed below a few of my favorites during my stay. Giraffe Noodle Bar – Located on 49, Read More

Hi guys, My name is Elinor and I just moved to the Orlando area a few months ago. I come from Paris, known as the City of Lights, the City of Love, and the City of Fashion. For those who have never been there, or for the ones that want some tips, I will, Read More

While in Madison Wisconsin visiting some friends I had the opportunity to witness the Polar Plunge. If there is one in your area you have to see this! The plunge is a charity event that gives businesses, organizations and individuals the opportunity to support local Special Olympics athletes. There are two ways to raise, Read More

Hi to all, This is my first post, so i will introduce myself, I’m Matias from the Last Minute Travel team. Altough I mainly deal with Europe I want to give you some useful tips for the neighborhood of La Boca which is located in the city of Buenos Aires were I was born., Read More

Jet Lag is caused by changes in your circadian rhythm. The symptoms vary from person to person. In general, women seem to be more susceptible to jet lag than men and younger people tend to get jet lagged worse than older people. Some common symptoms of jet lag include dehydration (if you are traveling, Read More

Gone – my iPod, camera, passport, wallet with my license, cash, every credit card, really, any card with my name on it was gone. I was in Madrid, Spain for a tradeshow and with nothing to link me to my actual identity, I had 16 hours to catch my flight and, hopefully, maintain my, Read More

If your flight has been canceled and you are stranded at the airport or if your flight is delayed and is going to cause you to miss a connecting flight, Rule 240 can come in very handy. Basically, the rule guarantees passengers certain rights that the airline is obligated to abide by. This rule, Read More

When combining business and leisure travel, it can be difficult to separate expenses when you get home or to the office. An easy way to stay organized and avoid clutter is simply keeping a record. There are two aspects of making this task easy and less time consuming. Step 1: Keep all of your, Read More

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