12 Creative Hotels – Which one is your favorite?

Update: More Creative Hotels.

Do these inspire you to find a unique hotel to stay in, or to open your own unusually designed resort?

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The Floating Hotel in Sweden

The Floating Hotel in Sweden

Hotel made of Sand in England

<br /> Hotel made of Sand in England

Houses in Mexico

<br /> Houses in Mexico

Icehotel, Canada

Icehotel, Canada

Capsule Hotel, Japan

Capsule Hotel, Japan

Survival Pod Hotel, Holland

Survival Pod Hotel, Holland

Cave Hotel, Turkey

Cave Hotel, Turkey

Jumbo Hostel, Sweden

Jumbo Hostel, Sweden

Tree House, India

<br /> Tree House, India

German Prison Hotel

German Prison Hotel

Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

Sewage Pipe Hotel, Austria

Sewage Pipe Hotel, Austria

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Update: 9 More Creative Hotels.

184 Comments on “12 Creative Hotels – Which one is your favorite?

  1. O My God! i really want to stay at ALL of these hotels. I’m gonna look them all up on the internet and make it my mission to visit them all. thank you for sharing them with the world.

  2. The under water resort was definitely the best. I’d like to visit there so badly.

  3. That Poseidon hotel looks pretty cool.. that’s my pick!

  4. I must say tree house in India was my favorite.

  5. none of these look quite comfortable. except maybe the poseidon . i mean who wants to vacation in an old prison…

  6. Wow everything would be amazing ! It really makes me wishing

  7. I stayed at the cave hotel in Turkey, in Kapadokya. It really was quite beautiful and so unique. That whole area of the country is amazing.

  8. The under water one may be the best, but I bet it’s quite expensive :\

  9. okay, the ice hotel in canada would be sweeeet. i’m definitely going there some day

  10. Hotel made of sand = the best by far. It’s like a sand castle you can LIVE in

  11. I stayed in a sewer once, don’t do it!

  12. the undersea hotel is 15000 dollars a person per week

  13. Not so sure I would want to stay in the Sewage Pipe Hotel but interesting nonetheless. Thanks for posting! 🙂

  14. That’s absolutely great ,I like a couple of them like the ones in Mexico also Undersea ; Jumbo jet ; Tree house ; Cave hostel ; Capsule Hotel ,sewage pipe Hotel funny i’d be claustrophobic…

  15. My vote is for sure the Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji….imagine having sex in that bed underwater while all the fishies watch…lol

  16. Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji ,this one is wonderfull, actually they all are ,but this is different

  17. The undersea one is in the “Maldives” not “fiji”

  18. and literally sand in the butt for the sand hotel…and who wants to stay in the capsule hotel…That looks claustrophobic.. I also like the first one, the floating hotel.

  19. The cave hotel looks really neat…but the Underwater Hotel has to be the best. That is just to cool! 😀

  20. I’ve been to the ice hotel in Canada, but the rest are also awesome!

  21. And here we go again. A man’s mind is usually in the gutter. Anyway, Turkey and Fiji were definitely my two faves, but all were interesting.

  22. i like the Poseidon Underwater Resort in Fiji. that would be cool.

  23. I’d like to be…under the sea…in an octopuses garden, in the shade!

  24. Just for the record for $15,000 per person for Poseidon you only get TWO nights in the underwater room! The other 4 nights are apparently above water in a different room!

  25. ben :
    none of these look quite comfortable. except maybe the poseidon . i mean who wants to vacation in an old prison…

    You’ve clearly not been to the Malmaison in Oxford (http://www.malmaison-oxford.com/) – worth staying in one of the cells, which are luxurious and VERY comfortable.

  26. The cave hotel, Turkey!! and the Poseidon undersea resort.. can’t decide which one.

  27. I’d love the Poseidon Under the sea resort…….so beautiful1

  28. I like the Poseidon resort. Do you think they have a pool?

  29. I can’t decide between the Poseidon Undersea Resort and the Cave Hotel in Turkey. They both look awesome!

  30. I would sooooo choose the aquarium one! omgggg what I could do in there hmmmm

  31. The Poseidon and then the Cave. After that, the Floating Hotel. I want to fill it with my friends and go up and down every canal and river in Europe wide enough to accommodate it, starting with the Rhine.

  32. The cave hotel is amazing, but the Poseidon one is the best!!!

  33. Sewage Pipe Hotel, Austria is beautiful. I wish I could stay at least one night here.

  34. I love the poseidon underwater hotel soooo amazing and beautiful.

  35. New to my bucket list…a stay at the Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji….very cool.

  36. Torn between the IceHotel in Canada and the Sand Hotel in England.
    (talk about opposites)

  37. Add to your list the amazing Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel in Brazil.

  38. I wanna stay in all of them!! Excpe the Japanese one…

  39. A floating hotel, is a cruise. There is nothing special about that.

  40. Torn between the Indian tree-house and the Poseidon in Fiji – both ‘submerged’ in the midst of nature – fabulous!

  41. cool thing about the sewage pipe hotel is that it’s a “pay as you wish” system. you pay whatever you feel like. no showers though… and it’s only open from may til october… aber trotzdem… sehr schön 🙂

  42. Some great ideas, i love the houses in Mexico, but then i have always loved houses that hang off the side of a cliff. I built one myself….

  43. If I had to choose I would pick Poseiden Undersea,looks awsome. But if given the opportunity I would stay at Ice Hotel, Canada and the Cave Hotel, Turkey. Just to say I did it.

  44. I’ve been to the cave hotel in turkey and it was fabulous! if you ever have a chance, definitely one of the most amazing experiences of my life : )

  45. México where? Someone knows the city where the hotel is placed?
    How expensive a night at Undersea hotel in Fiji?

  46. Definitely the floating hotel in Sweden. Hopefully visiting again in the summer so I’ll definitely try to check it out!

  47. Under the sea. I would fight falling asleep so I could see as much possible.

  48. The Poseidon, that is so beautiful, relaxing, awesome.

  49. Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji seems wonderful. Wish I could stay there

  50. I’d choose the Tree Hotel in India

  51. I like the Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji. It gives you a chance to live like a fis (underwater…)!

  52. I have to stay at the Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji. Fiji is my dream destination to begin with and this hotel just makes it all the more better for me!! I have to get there soon!

  53. The Tree House in India, it’s always been a dream of mine to stay in a tree house!

  54. Poseidon for sure, just one problem , I won´t sleep

  55. @Heidi
    The floating hotel is in Holland, as in the Netherlands. The hotel in Sweden was the 747.

  56. Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji. Amazing. I’d love to stay in a room like that! :]

  57. I would love to stay in Poseidon underwater hotel!

  58. Cave hotels in Turkey OR the houses in Mexico. Both look incredible!

  59. I’d love to stay in all of them, just to experience the world and say I’ve been. Well, maybe not the survival pod…too small..but all in all, very interesting!!!

  60. Favorite: Ice Hotel. I love the cold, even though I am so sensitive to temperatures. I’m a bizarre guy.

  61. The caves in Turkey look amazing! I would love to go stay there!!

  62. I love the poseidon underwater hotel too ! So nice !!

  63. I stayed at a capsule hotel in Tokyo.. I was really drunk and pretty much just needed a place to sleep since the trains were definately finished running for the night. It was great! Comfortable, practically no one else around.. Got in, yanked down my shade, set my phone alarm for 9AM, woke up, got out, went home. No fuss, no muss, no curling up on a street curb. =D

  64. I have stayed at the Cave hotel and it was fabulous. Five star and fully recommended.

  65. I want to visit the cave hotel in Turkey and Poseidon… fabulous!

  66. I love the one with the water.. How fricken sweet!

  67. The Poseidon Underwater hotel is definitely my favorite. Th airplane is cool as well.

  68. That cave hotel and the poseidon are freaking amazing!

  69. Forgot to mention the location, which is Yelapa, Jalisco, MX just south of Puerto Vallarta. @jennifer

  70. Just read online that it costs $15,000 for two people at the Fiji resort…

  71. Sewage Pipe Hotel in Austria would be awesome place to wake up.

  72. Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji was one I thought would be awesome not the Sewage pipe

  73. I think that even the sand castle would be fun to stay in. I wonder how they keep the “hotel” from falling on the people. Maybe it is like Ceaser’s Palace or something. 🙂

  74. I like Jumbo Hostel, Sweden
    One can sit on plane without ticket.

    Gurkhas Kukri

  75. Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji
    I’d live there if I could

  76. I don’t get a warm cozy feeling from any of them. The one I would be willing to try would be the underwater one.

  77. The Cave Hotel is awesome!! I’ve stayed a few times and the area is amazing too!

  78. Liked a lot the Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji.

  79. the underwater hotel looks absolutely breathtaking, i’d give anything to stay there !

  80. By far I think The Floating Hotel in Sweden and the Cave Hotel, Turkey look not only the most interesting, but may be the most safe. I’m not sure how that sand hotel works, but I can’t imagine sleeping on that bed!

  81. the tree houses look like a home i stayed in for a month

  82. There is also a tree house hotel in Lao near Vientiane

  83. Loved the underwater hotel in Fiji, but honestly would not get much sleep worrying about leaks.

  84. poseidon fiji is a must do its on my bucket list for sure !

  85. These hotels are sweet! I personally like the undersea hotel but the cave hotel in Turkey is pretty awesome too.

  86. I love the Poseidon Undersea hotel. I can imagine that it would be very serene to watch the sea vegetation as it undulates back and forth from the underwater sea currents.

  87. The tree house, in india.
    One of my ultimate dreams is to live in one of these.

  88. new goal in life:
    must stay in all hotels, at least once.

  89. The Poseidon Hotel is awesome. I want to go. How much is it? Anyone ever stay there?

  90. I would love the udersea hotel in Fiji. It looks so relaxing. Just hope a shark wouldn’t go by.

  91. i loved the tree house and the floating hotel

  92. I like the Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji, and the Cave Hotel in Turkey was cool too. I’d like to go to both of them. I’m tweeting this.

  93. Never been to any of these but the Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji I think would be the coolest.

  94. i cant choose, i want to stay in the all <3

  95. wow we like cave hotel, Turkey and Jumbo Hostel , Sweden also, all hotels it amazing to spend even day for each

  96. The cave hotel in Turkey is amazing.

  97. I love the under water one. I just love being in the water and I would love to just watch the fish swim by.

  98. I absolutely love the underwater hotel in fiji – I would totally feel a bit uncomfortable thinking maybe a leak could spell trouble!

  99. Lots of beautiful hotels- but honestly, who would spend money to stay in a Sewage Pipe or Prison Hotel?

  100. I like the hotel in Figi and the tree house hotel best! So relaxing take me there right now

  101. love the tree house hotel and cave hotel

  102. Ok…I haven’t read all the comments, but is the sand one serious??? Is the bed literally sand? Do they cover it with sheets? Am I the only one concerned about this? haha

  103. Cave hotel in Turkey one of my favorite places in the world and the hotel is in Cappadocia and it’s a great place to see!

  104. WOW!!!! the hotel in fiji is so cool i wish i could go there someday.

  105. A room inside a manila?
    Very futuristic, should be a little bothered, but you can spend the night.

  106. I love the Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji! Putting it on my bucket list! =)

  107. Jicaro Island eco-lodge in the middle of Lake Nicaragua is utterly stunning…beautiful waters, volcano backdrop and a wonderful lodge to stay in…

  108. the Poseidon in Fiji but the runner up is the one in mexico near the top of the list. who can say no to living underwater?

  109. My favorite the floating hotel, you’re in the water and in your hotel.

  110. Open air Sand hotel in EN is not bad if weather permits :))

  111. love the underwater one..already googled it to price it..

  112. Jumbo Hostel in Sweden and Fiji are the best..Perfect getaway

  113. wow the under water one blown me away! if i could i would go and stay there forever, now!

  114. I just ADORE the One in FiGi i would stay there for like two months? Jennifer Williams I totally agree! Who CAN say no to living UNDER WATERR?! All my child hood I wanted to be a mermaid…THIS IS THE CLOSES I’LL GET~!

  115. Prison hotel? lol rather live there than in my dorm. P.S. its twice the size of my dorm *shakes head*

  116. I’ll hop on the Floating Hotel in Sweden… I’m a water girl. I just hope it has wi-fi! Happy cruising, I’m all set!

  117. Definitely the Poseidon in Fiji – it just looks awesome. You could just lay there for hours and enjoy nature.

  118. Houses in Mexico, they look futuristic, and the view must be great. like a modern tree house.

  119. I love all of them they are so creative. I want to go see them

  120. The sewage pipe gives me ideas for a quest house.

  121. Poseidon Undersea Resort sounds pretty cool. Even though I’m afraid of water and being underneath it, I think it would be beautiful to stay there. Plus I would overcome my fear – two birds with one stone!

  122. wow the underwater resort is amazing. sleeping underwater? who would have thought? nice post. thanks.

  123. Just looked into the one in Fiji, $30000 US dollars for a couple!!

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